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Official whitepaper, last updated : JUNE 2021 is a Pokemon/Kairosoft inspired game that will be available on Q2 2022.

The beta version will be available before this date for each owner of 1 x Crypter (stage 2 or more)

In our universe, the objectives are simples :

    • Complete the storyline
      Each season, you’ll get new content, new Crypters, new dungeons, new towns to visit, new activities and a whole lot more!
    • Complete the Cryptodex
      Meet every Crypters* !
    • Collect all the Crypters*, raise them as a mother/father should do.
      You can sell them if you want, but I didn’t say that, ok ?
      Oh, and they can also evolve too.
    • Create your own town, your own economy.
      Create your own town, your own economy, a market town?
      No problem.
      A Crypters* trading town?
      No problem.
      A town with the law of the strongest?
      It will be probably your problem.
      Your imagination will be the limit to the expansion of your city.
    • BE THE BEST, alone or as a teams (up to 100 peoples), fight against others CryptoTrainers (PVE* or PVP*)